Pnoson 1
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The Sonata for Piano was written in the first half of 1989. It is my only work written in two movements. The work is approximately 12 minutes in duration.

The two movements are opposing views of similar materials. Each movement has its own way of developing, elongating, or fracturing the materials at hand. However, there are a few moments where the opposing movement peeks through and exerts its influence on the prevailing movement. The first movement is slower than the first, although somewhat tempestuous at times. It tends towards irregular rhythms and tempi, making generous use of rubato. The general mood is that of a fantasy. The second movement is quite angular, much more aggressive and violent. The tempi and surface rhythms of this movement are quite even at times, but there is a large-scale accelerando throughout the entire movement. This manifests itself on all levels of the work, so that surface rhythms are constantly accelerating and the harmonic progressions move faster and faster. The work climaxes in a final flourish which encompasses the entire keyboard.