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Pluto/Charon was written in the fall of 1995. The title is a direct reference to the dual planets that occupy the same pathway in the outer reaches of the solar system. The two planets do not have a planet-moon relationship rather, they are equals. This concept intrigued me when I first read about it the idea of two planets, orbiting each other as well as the sun. On one hand, extreme centricity the planets orbiting about each other, creating a small repetitive pattern. Yet, a larger orbit counteracts this, the two bodies moving as one around the sun.

Pluto/Charon is written for solo non-pitched percussion. The two movements, named after the planets, reflect the two types of motion. Pluto, is non-developmental, and therefore, static. Charon, moves towards a long-range goal, and has a number of episodes. The work is approximately 9 minutes in duration, and was written for Tom Kolor.