Jungfraud's Messongebook
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The title for Jungfraudís Messongebook is an elaborate pun taken from James Joyceís Finnegans Wake:

I will write down all your names in my gold pen and ink. Everyday, precious, while mímíryís leaves are falling deeply on my Jungfraudís Messongebook I will dream telepath posts dulcets on this isinglass stream...

The work is essentially a reflection on this "dream-book". Like a dream, many of the symbols may be interpreted in different ways; these images are often distorted, combined with other images, and eventually transformed into something entirely different. It is often the case that meanings are not clear until the dreamer is able to reflect upon them. Jungfraudís Messongebook attempts to capture this dream-like state with a wide variety of musical techniques and extended flute techniques.

Jungfraudís Messongebook was written in the fall of 1994 and is dedicated to Dogen Kinowaki.