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Anthony Cornicello, Composer
Current works and works in progress

In reverse chronological order; as of September 2005
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Cascade Experiment (2005); 30 minutes
String Quartet and Electronics
Commissioned by SEMI (Funds from the Roberts Foundation) and ECSU for the Scorchio Electric String Quartet
First Performances: May 16, 2005,  RealArtWays, Hartford CT
            May 24, 2005, The Cutting Room, NY, NY

Hallowed Spaces (2005); indeterminate length
Didjeridu, Gong, electronics
First Performance: April 18, 2005

ReZenant Garden (2004); indeterminate length
Electronic Ensemble
First Performance: November 22, 2004, Willimantic, CT

Towards (2004); 9 minutes
Piano Trio

Music for Voyages film (2004); 3 minutes
Electronic Music

CDLoops, Drones, and Riffs (2003); 10 minutes
Viola and Live Electronics
Commissioned by Martha Mooke
First Performance:  January 15, 2004, New York, NY.

Minimal Monk (2003); 7 minutes
Saxophone Quartet
Commissioned by the Prism Quartet
First Performance:  May 12, 2003, New York, NY.

CDI’ll Have an Electric Mahabharata, Please (2003); 15 minutes
Violoncello and Live Electronics
Commissioned by the Auros Group for New Music
First Performances:  March 12, 2003, Hartford, CT;  March 28, 2003,  Cambridge, MA.

Incidental music for A Dream Play (2002); 75 minutes
Electronic music, live processing
Commissioned by Eastern Connecticut State University, for the theatrical production during the 2002-2003 season.
First performances:    Eastern Connecticut State University
            November 12-17, 2002

Post-Modern Waltz (2002); 6 minutes
Commissioned by Eric Moe

Fractured Landscape, suspended song (2001); 7 minutes
Bass Clarinet, Violoncello, Percussion, tape.
Commissioned by the Vermont Chamber Music Ensemble
First Performance:  February 11, 2002, Burlington, VT.

CD“…turns and turns into the night.” (2001); 25 minutes
(poems by Alice Fulton)
Soprano, Oboe/English Horn, Horn, Violoncello, Percussion, Piano, Live Interactive Electronics
Commissioned by Mary Sharp Cronson for the Guggenheim’s “Works and Process” Series
First Performance:    The Group for Contemporary Music, Brad Lubman, conductor
Lucy Shelton, soprano
New York, NY February 3, 2001.
Published by C.F. Peters 2003.

CDScreaming Whispers (2000) 7 minutes: Violoncello, Percussion, Piano
For The Ernest Bloch Festival. First Performance: Newport, OR, July 27, 2000.  Published by C.F. Peters 2003. (1999) 8 minutes: Wind Ensemble
For the Wind Ensembles of Florida State University, Rutgers University, and the New England Conservatory. First Performance: Florida State University, James Croft, conductor. Tallahassee, FL Oct. 7, 1999.  Published by C.F. Peters 2001.

Voyages (1998) 9 minutes: Soprano and Piano for Phyllis Bryn-Julson
First Performance: Phyllis Bryn-Julson, Pasadena, CA March 13, 2000. Published by APNM, 1999

Rituals, for Orchestra (1998); 12 minutes: 2-2-2-2, 4-2-2-1, Timp., 2 Perc., Pno., Harp, Strings

Chasing (1998); 8 minutes: Flute, Violoncello, Piano
Commissioned by The Auros Group for New Music, with funds from Meet The Composer Commissioning Music/USA. First Performance: The Auros Group for New Music, Killian Hall, Cambridge, MA May 16, 1998. Published by APNM, 1998

Static Walking (1997); 5 minutes: Solo Bass.
For Robert Black First Performance: Robert Black. Part of the Festival of New American Music, Sacramento, CA, November 9, 1997 Published by C.F. Peters, 2001.

Josquin: Ave Maria (1997); 8 minutes: Transcription of “Ave Maria” for String Orchestra.
For the wedding of Ken Lampl and Lynda Veech. First Performance: The Galetea Ensemble. Vorhees Chapel, New Brunswick, NJ, July 14, 1997. Published by APNM, 1997

The Man in the Macintosh (1997); 13 minutes: Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Piano, and Tape.
Commissioned by the InterEnsemble. First Performance: InterEnsemble, Bernardino Beggio, conductor. Performed as part of the InterEnsemble/InterMusica Festival, Padua, Italy, April 20, 1997. U.S. Premiere: Brandeis Contemporary Chamber Players, Anthony Cornicello, conductor. Slosberg Hall, Waltham, MA, May 10, 1997. Published by C.F. Peters, 2003.

The Master of Those Who Know (1996); 20 minutes: Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Percussion, and Piano
Written in Honor of Charles Wuorinen’s 60th Birthday First Performance: Wellesley Composers’ Conference, Wellesley, MA, August 9, 1997. Published by APNM, 1996

In a Riddle Whose Answer is Time… (1995); 9 minutes: Orchestra: 3-3-3-3, 4-3-3-1, 3 perc., Timp., Piano, Harp, Strings Unperformed work

The Garden of Forking Paths (1995); 12 minutes: Orchestra: 3-3-3-3, 4-3-3-1, 3 perc., Timp., Piano, Harp, Strings
Winner, Chicago Symphony Young American Composers Reading Session First Performance: Chicago Civic Symphony, Cliff Colnot, conductor. March 10, 1996, Chicago, IL Published by APNM, 1995

Pluto/Charon (1995); 9 minutes: Solo Percussion.
For Tom Kolor. First Performance: Tom Kolor. Belmar, NJ, May 2, 1998 Published by APNM, 1995

Beersheeba (1995); 13 minutes: Flute, Clarinet, Piano, and Percussion
New York New Music Ensemble Commission First Performance: New York New Music Ensemble, Jeff Milarsky, conductor. Miller Theater, New York, as part of the Sonic Boom! Festival. November 15, 1995. Published by APNM, 1995

Chaosmos (1995, revised 1997); 11 minutes: Percussion and Piano
First Performance: New York New Music Ensemble, (guest performers: Karen Rosenak, Daniel Kennedy). Long Beach, CA. Part of the 1997 Summer Arts Festival at California State University, July 26,1997. Published by APNM, 1995

Jungfraud’s Messongebook (1994); 9 minutes: Solo Flute.
Commissioned by Dogen Kinowaki. First Performance: Dogen Kinowaki. Tokyo, Japan, October 4, 1995. Winner, National Flute Association Newly Published Music Competition, 1996. U.S. Concert Premiere: Patricia Spencer. Merkin Concert Hall, February 4, 1997. Published by APNM, 1994

Triple Play (1994); 8 minutes: Flute, Violoncello, Piano
First Performance: Chicago Ensemble. International House, Chicago, IL, March 5,1996 Winner, Chicago Ensemble Discover American Competition, 1995. Published by APNM, 1994

Le Gouffre (1994); 7 minutes: (text by Baudelaire) Reciting Double Bass, or two players. Withdrawn work.

Agarttha (1992); 15 minutes: Percussion Quartet.
Written for the New Jersey Percussion Ensemble. In Memoriam John Cage First Performance: New Jersey Percussion Ensemble, Peter Jarvis, conductor. Shea Auditorium, January 31, 1994. Published by APNM, 1994

Zaira (1992, rev. 1994); 12 minutes: Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, 2 Perc., Piano, Strings (1 each)
First Performance: ALEA III, Theodore Antoniou, condcutor. Tsai Performance Center, Boston, MA, September 28, 1994. Finalist, ALEA III International Competition for Young Composers. Published by APNM, 1994

Second Sonata (1992); 18 minutes:
Commissioned by David Holzman First Performance: David Holzman. The Great Hall, Long Island University, Brookville, NY, New York, March 2, 1994. Performed during the 1994 Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Recording: David Holzman, piano, on the CD “Explorations: New American Piano Music”, Centaur Records CRC-2291. Published by APNM, 1994 “The single movement work, with a bang, crash, boom style of thematic exposition, is a bracing gust of fresh air, an invigorating antidote to the neo-medieval droning of so many of his contemporaries. Cornicello espouses a dramatic, dynamic mode of expression that requires careful, rather than passive listening” - Peter Burwasser, Fanfare Magazine.

Cappricio (1991); 7 minutes: Solo guitar
Commissioned by the New York Classical Guitar Society First Performance: Seth Himmelhoch. St. Peter’s Church, New York City, June 3, 1993 Published by The New York Classical Guitar Society, 1991 European Premiere: Paul Bowman, Tage für neue musik, Darmstadt, February 18, 2000.

Drei Rilkegesänge (1990); 12 minutes: (Texts by Rilke) Soprano, Violin, Violoncello, Vibraphone, and Piano
Written for the Janus Ensemble First Performance: Janus Ensemble, Anthony Cornicello, conductor. Nicholas Music Center, New Brunswick, NJ, March 15, 1991. Published by APNM, 1994

Kyrie Eleison (1990); 4 minutes: SATB, a cappella
Written for the Kirkpatrick Chapel Choir First Performance: Kirkpatrick Chapel Choir, David Drinkwater, conductor. Kirpatrick Chapel, New Brunswick, NJ, April 28, 1991 Taken on subsequent tour of South America.

Second String Quartet (1990); 18 minutes: Written for the Atlantic String Quartet
First Performance: Altantic String Quartet. Nicholas Music Center, New Brunswick, NJ, March 15, 1991 Recording: Atlantic String Quartet, on the CD “Jersey Sessions, Volume 3” CGNJ 0393 Choreographed by Nancy Turano for the New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble. Repertoire piece from 1995 to present. Published by APNM, 1994

Arcanum (1990); 8 minutes: Violin, Clarinet, Violoncello, and Piano.
First Performance: Da Capo Players, Rutgers University

Piano Sonata (1989); 16 minutes:
First Performance: Marc Peloquin. Composers’ Concordance Concert Series, The Great Hall, Long Island University, Brookville, NY, February 11, 1993. Published by APNM, 1994

Chamber Concerto for Flute, Percussion, and 15 Players (1988, revised 1992); 30 minutes: Written for James Scott, Peter Jarvis, and the Janus Ensemble
First Performance: Janus Ensemble, James Scott, solo flute, Peter Jarvis, solo percussion, Anthony Cornicello, conductor. Nicholas Music Center, New Brunswick, NJ, April 3, 1990. Published by APNM, 1994

Three Pieces for Piano (1988); 12 minutes:
First Performance: Paul Hoffman. Nicholas Music Center, New Brunswick, NJ, November 28, 1989. Published by APNM, 1994

Improvisation for Alto Flute (1987); 4 minutes:
First Performance: Deborah Harris. Tallahassee, Florida, April 18, 1987. Published by APNM, 1994

Serigraphs (1986); 12 minutes: Piano, Percussion, Live Electronics, and Tape
First Performance: Anthony Cornicello, Paul Hostetter. Festival of New Music, Tallahassee, FL, April 4, 1987. One of the first pieces written for the PPS synthesizer, which later became known as Kyma Systems.

Dialogues for Trio (1986); 11 minutes: Flute, Guitar, and Cello
Written for the Frank-Harris-Cowley trio. First Performance: Eliot Frank, Deborah Harris, David Cowley. Tallahassee, Florida, February 27, 1987. Published by APNM, 1994

String Quartet (1986); 15 minutes:
First Performance: Florida State University String Quartet. Tallahassee, Florida, February 27, 1987. Published by APNM, 1994

Nocturne (1985); 12 minutes: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Contrabass, and Piano
First Performance: Florida State University New Music Ensemble, John Boda, conductor. Tallahassee, Florida, February 19, 1986. Published by APNM, 1994

Works in Progress and Planned

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