Anthony Cornicello

Recent Works (2006 – present)

Selected Works (1995-2006)

In reverse chronological order; as of December 2009

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Meditations on Saint Anthony (2009); 8 minutes.


Written for Alexandra Fol, Montreal, Canada; First Performance TBA.


Janaka Blast

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Drumset and electronics

First Performance: Peter Jarvis, March 5, 2009,  Wayne, NJ.


The Interactive Piano (selections) [all works for Piano and electronics]

Clouds (2008-9); 7 minutes

Bursts (2009); 5 minutes

Mirrors (2009) 5 minutes (version for Yamaha Disklavier)

First Performance: April 9, 2009, Kathy Supové,  Yamaha Piano Salon New York, NY.


"A Coney Island of the Mind" (2007-8); 30 minutes

(text: Lawrence Ferlinghetti)

Tenor, chamber ensemble, electronics

Written for ECSU, Interensemble (Padua), dal niente (Chicago)

First Perfomance:  October 11, 2009.  Willimantic, CT.

Full Score:PDF file

MP3s: (in movements)

    1. Prelude (N-train Fantasy) Play mp3

    2. "The Pennycandy store beyond the El" Play mp3

    3. "Dove sta amore" Play mp3

    4. "Not like Dante" Play mp3

        Interlude A  Play mp3

    5. "Don't let that horse eat that violin"  Play mp3

        Interlude B  Play mp3

    6. "In a surrealist year"  Play mp3

    7. "And that's the way it always is"  Play mp3

Syncretic Resonances (2007); 8 minutes

2 Clarinets, Interactive Electronics

Commissioned by F. Gerard Errante

First Performance: July 3, 2008, Kansas City, MO, ClarinetFest 2008

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Low Five (2007); 9 minutes

5-octave marimba

First Performance: March 31, 2007, Willimantic, CT


Spiral Jetty (2006); 13 minutes

Violin, Violoncello, Accordion, Interactive Electronics

Commissioned by ModernWorks with funds from Meet the Composer/Commissioning Music USA 2005

First Performance: March 13, 2007, NY, NY

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"Bubbles Everyday" (2006); 2 minutes

Violin, Violoncello, Percussion

Written for the New York Miniaturist Ensemble

First Performance: May 15, 2006, NY, NY


Feedback Aria (2006); indeterminate length

Laptop, controllers

First Performance: May 8, 2006


The Gloved One (2006); indeterminate length

Laptop, controlled by P5 Glove

First Performance: May 8, 2006


Mozart Remixed (2006); 9 minutes

Two Pianos; 2nd piano plays water gong

First Performance:  March 7, 2006, Willimantic, CT



Towards (2004); 9 minutes

Piano Trio

Commissioned by the Connecticut Trio

First Performance:  April 16, 2004, New Britain, CT

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Loops, Drones, and Riffs (2003); 10 minutes

Viola and Live Electronics

Commissioned by Martha Mooke

First Performance:  January 15, 2004, New York, NY.

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Minimal Monk (2003); 7 minutes

Saxophone Quartet

Commissioned by the Prism Quartet

First Performance:  May 12, 2003, New York, NY.


"I'll Have an Electric Mahabharata, Please" (2003); 15 minutes

Violoncello and Live Electronics

Commissioned by the Auros Group for New Music

First Performances:  March 12, 2003, Hartford, CT;  March 28, 2003,  Cambridge, MA.

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Post-Modern Waltz (2002); 6 minutes


Commissioned by Eric Moe

Fractured Landscape, suspended song (2001); 7 minutes

Bass Clarinet, Violoncello, Percussion, tape.

Commissioned by the Vermont Chamber Music Ensemble

First Performance:  February 11, 2002, Burlington, VT.

"...turns and turns into the night." (2001); 25 minutes

(poems by Alice Fulton)

Soprano, Oboe/English Horn, Horn, Violoncello, Percussion, Piano, Live Interactive Electronics

Commissioned by Mary Sharp Cronson for the GuggenheimÕs ÒWorks and ProcessÓ Series

First Performance:            The Group for Contemporary Music, Brad Lubman, conductor

Lucy Shelton, soprano

New York, NY February 3, 2001

Published by C.F. Peters Corporation, 2005.
MP3s (in movements)

    1. The priming is a negligee  Play mp3
    2. ==                                           Play mp3
    3. Immersion                             Play mp3
    4. A New Release
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Screaming Whispers (2000); 7 minutes

Violoncello, Percussion, Piano

First Performance:            New York New Music Ensemble

                                    New York, NY, March 10, 2002

Published by C.F. Peters Corporation, 2003.

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PDF file (1999); 8 minutes

Wind Ensemble

For the Wind Ensembles of Florida State University, Rutgers University, and the New England Conservatory.

First Performance:            Florida State University, James Croft, conductor.

                                    Tallahassee, FL Oct. 7, 1999.

Published by C.F. Peters Corporation, 2001.

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Static Walking (1997); 5 minutes

Solo Bass.  For Robert Black

First Performance:            Robert Black. Part of the Festival of New American Music, Sacramento, CA, November 9, 1997

Published by C.F. Peters Corporation, 2001.

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The Man in the Macintosh (1997); 13 minutes

Commissioned by the InterEnsemble.

Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Piano, and Tape.

First Performance:            InterEnsemble, Bernardino Beggio, conductor.  Performed as part of the InterEnsemble/InterMusica Festival, Padua, Italy, April 20, 1997.

U.S. Premiere:                Brandeis Contemporary Chamber Players, Anthony Cornicello, conductor.  Slosberg Hall, Waltham, MA, May 10, 1997.

Published by C.F. Peters Corporation, 2003.

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