Second Sonata
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The Second Sonata For Piano was completed in the spring of 1992, although some sketches for it date back to early 1991. The work was commissioned by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts for David Holzman.

The Second Sonata is a virtuostic work spanning 18 minutes in duration. In some respects, the work is quite "traditional" insofar as piano playing is concerned. There are references to be-bop piano, romantic piano writing and sonata forms. However, it's use of complex rhythms, dense textures, and fleeting images serve as a challenge (albeit surmountable) to the listener as well as the performer. The Sonata takes the listener on a decidedly non-linear journey where ideas are fragmented across the entire keyboard, only to return later in a disguised manner. In this way, the Sonata can be likened to an improvisatory Fantasy, operating on a stream-of-conscious level.